Born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee, Marcus “Hilton” Webb grew up wanting to be an architect. Due to his involvement in athletics, his love for architecture often was pushed aside. From football, to basketball, to track and field, Hilton did it all. In addition to being very athletic during his grade school years, he also was considered to be a stylist guy among his peers. To females who didn’t know his name, he was simply “that dude who could dress”.

On August 16, 2011, Hilton launched, a men’s style guide inspired by has been tweeted by Gap and Ralph Lauren, and Hilton has been featured on many blogs including the ones he looked up to the most, Trashness and TheStyleBlogger. Most recently, Hilton was recognized by GQ Magazine for being one of the “Best Dressed Readers”.  Today the style guide has been converted into Hilton’s style journal, known as “HILTIFIED”. Hilton is in the process of designing his first collection which is set to debut this spring. It has been a long journey but the best is yet to come. Be sure to keep up with Hilton on his Tumblr page “HILTIFIED”, and you can follow him on twitter @HiltonWebb.